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How Poached Works

1. Create or upload your resume

For applying to permanent positions, we make it super simple to upload, create and store your resumes. You can Download the app or Create and account on our website by clicking get started below. 

2. Fill out your profile

We have 5 questions all of our employers ask, set up your profile in minutes and opt in to start accepting shifts. Here you can set your preferences of where and when you want to work. You make your schedule! Also; start applying! Many employers will post a shift to see your skills in action, finally get paid to stage!

3. Get to work!

Fire up the app once you get to your shift and clock in - clock out when you're done! You can tell us how the shift went and help us dial in your skill sets to match you to the perfect fit!

4. You're in control of how you get paid

Need your money fast? Still collecting unemployment? Whatever your situation is we've got an option that will fit. Poached is dedicated to protecting the worker rights and will be with you all the way. We can help with tax  implacations or make you a W2 employee for simplicity.

Work When You Need It

Forget endlessly doing walk-ins and awkwardly waiting for the manager. You can use your stored resume, or your profile to apply to jobs. We can even alert you of jobs nearby!

Fill your schedule the way you like. Not getting enough Friday's to pay your bills? Set your preferences and we'll bring the shifts to you.

Get paid quickly and reliably, with options for taxes and insurance. Make extra money and gain extra experience that can help you land better and better gigs.

Need to fill your job faster? Boost it!

Boost your jobs to attract more candidates. Each Boost places your ad back on top of Poached, and promotes it across our partner network. Boosted jobs see an average of 67% more resumes.

Poached Brings You A Flexible Staff,
When and Where You Need it

Need workers for an event or to fill your shifts? Poached On Demand connects your available shifts with our team of trusted and experienced hospitality workers. You can choose from our pool of skilled employees based on the requirements you need.