The future of picking up and filling shifts in the service industry


Even before 2020, 12% of hospitality workers identified as being underemployed... Not enough shifts or a couple bad nights and most of us are feeling the pain. We know what it's like when the schedule comes out and it's just not enough. We also know that protecting the nation's best workforce is our priority #1. So we asked ourselves "how do we help our job seekers create a flexible schedule without losing all the benefits of a full time position?". Using that as our guide, we bring you Poached On Demand


Opt-in to shifts

Simply let us know you'd like to be added to the list. You won't be bombarded with offers right away but you can adjust your preferences anytime.

Fill out your profile

Let us know where you are and what you'd like to do. It can be any category of jobs posted on Poached, and as near or as far as you'd be willing to travel for work.

Apply like normal

You can browse the available shifts or just wait to be offered when new opportunities are posted. We'll do the work matching you as best we can.

Get Paid Fast & Fairly

We negotiate with the employer for your hourly rate, and charge a flat fee per shift. We pay you first and THEN bill the customer. Your choice of a W2 or 1099 depending on how fast you want your money!